"One of the legendary bird Pokemon. With its long tail trailing behind, its flying form is magnificent." -wish_z


Appearance Edit

Articuno is a Pokémon among many to be part of a trio that are Legendaries. This Pokémon has a large waven, silk-like tail that is flat. With red eyes and large blue wings, this Pokémon can scare off intruders and predators that are attacking it inside the ROBLOXian48-242-560 World. The tail makes it look very similar to one with three wings, and helps Articuno to fly with more control. With huge claw-like talons, it can damage another Pokémon very seriously with a single scratch. It is a large bird and is noted for its ability to control cold.

Evolution Chain Edit

This pokemon cannot Evolve.

Gender Edit

This Pokémon is genderless, therefore it has no gender for it to confirm to.

Location Edit

It is located in the PokéCentre and in front of Seafoam Cave. With the gamepass, the chances of encountering it are 1%. The chances are 0.01% without the gamepass. It is very difficult to find and is known to be a really hard Pokémon to come by, even leaving some people saying that Legendaries are easier to find except from this specific Pokémon. It can also be found in the Pokémon roulette.

Type of Pokémon Edit

Articuno is Ice and Flying. It learns quite viable moves that people would love, as Articuno's stats are impeccably strong. Moves that are reported to be learned by Articuno includes Ice Beam, Roost & many many more!


Weather Birds Trio Edit

Articuno is very much related in many ways to the other two of the trio, also named as Moltres and Zapdos. Articuno relates to the Winter, and is sometimes known as the Winter Bird, Moltres brings the warmth at another season, Spring and Zapdos brings the infamous Summer Thunderstorms to the world.

Moveset Edit

When caught:

-Fire fang


-Icicle crash

-Air slash

Moves that can be taught by move re-learner:


-Thunder wave

-Extreme speed

Trivia Edit

  • Articuno can easily said to represent the winter, Moltres represents the summer, unlike the trio however, Zapdos represents thunderstorms.
  • Articuno's moveset is very different on Project: Pokémon than on other games, which is why learning the moveset can be difficult without research.
  • Articuno's name includes Uno, which means One in Spanish.