Charmeleon's Appearance Edit


Charmeleon's Sprite

Charmeleon is an evolution of a starter Pokémon that has been picked by many and is one Pokémon with a small height, even after the evolution. He/she is a small Pokémon with blue eyes, small red arms and legs with claws, an underbelly with a different sprite colour and a tail with fire on the tip.

Gender differences with Charmeleon changes nothing. There are many Pokémon out there with a different-coloured sprite that relies on one gender or another, and others with only small subtle changes. Charmeleon does not have any gender changes at all, in its form AND in the evolution chain.

Once Charmeleon evolves, his sprite and features will change. This will always happen with every Pokémon in the game (except the Pokémon with no evolution chain at all).

Evolution Chain Edit

The Evolution Chain consists of 3 different Pokémon in the list, which includes Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard. As they evolve, they will learn a large amount of moves, which add on to the power of the Pokémon.As it evolves, its stats will radically heighten up from Charmander, all the way to Charizard. This will help with the Pokémon's moves and attacks, and EV training will help massively if you want to improve with the stats that is needed to make it powerful.

Charmander will evolve at Level 16 to Charmeleon, where he will have an increase in stats, a sprite difference, and new features that will be noticeable, such as claws and the difference in the fire sprite on its tail. Another difference is that ears had started to grow, than on the other counterpart, Charmander.

Charmeleon will then evolve into Charizard, where a massive stat increase will take place, and new moves for it to learn will happen in the future, in new levels. You will notice a massive sprite difference, colour difference than of Charmeleon, and a lot of new changes. Most of these changes include new blue wings, with a red wing-holding outline, larger tail than of the other two in the Evolution Chain, a fire sprite difference and many more.

Charmeleon's Learnset Edit

Level Move Type Power Accuracy PP
27 Scary Face Normal --------- 100% 10
34 Flamethrower Fire 90 100% 15