Darkrai can only be found during the night.

  • Type: Dark
  • Pokedex: #239
  • Location: Anywhere at night. Despite common rumors, there is no place where it spawns more.
  • Rarity: Legendary; More common with pure dark type Pokémon in your party and/or the Other Legendaries Gamepass, costing 1150 Robux.
  • Best Stats: Sp. Attack; Speed
  • Worst Stats: Defense; Sp. Defense
Darkrai image

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Immune to: Psychic
  • Strong Defense to: Ghost; Dark
  • Weak Defense to: Fighting; Bug; Fairy


  • No Effect to: None
  • Strong Attack to: Psychic; Ghost
  • Weak Attack to: Fighting; Dark; Fairy

Possible Moves

Move Type Damage Accuracy PP Category Effect
Quick Attack Normal 40 100 30 Physical Damage
Dream Eater Psychic 100 100 15 Special Damage only when the target asleep, and the user gains 50% of the HP dealt
Focus Blast Fighting 120 70 5 Special Damage
Hypnosis Psychic -- 60 20 Status Puts the target to sleep
Faint Attack Dark 60 -- 20 Physical Damage
Nasty Plot Dark -- -- 20 Status Sharply raises the user's Sp. Attack
Dark Void Dark -- 80 10 Status Puts the target to sleep
Thunderbolt Electric 90 100 15 Special Damage
Dark Pulse Dark 80 100 15 Special Damage, possible flinch
Rest Psychic -- -- 10 Status Puts the user to sleep, healing health and status conditions