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The very first gym to complete upon getting the Boulder Badge!

Gym Leaders are tough trainers that are required to progress through the game, gyms increase in difficulty as you progress and each gym leader will reward a badge upon defeat. Once you have beaten all 8 Gym Leaders, they can all be re-battled at Elegant Valley along with Johto Gym Leaders.

Pewter City Gym 

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Gym Leader: Brock

Specialty: Rock Type Pokemon

Badge: Boulder Badge

Cerulean City Gym

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Gym Leader: Misty

Specialty: Water Type Pokemon

Badge: Cascade Badge

Reward: Level 10-20 Togepi

Vermilion City Gym

Gym Leader: Lt.Surge

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Specialty: Electric Type Pokemon

Badge: Thunder Badge

Note: This is a often missed Gym Leader. Once you get to Vermilion City Poke Center, go all the way down until you see the giant yellow-top building, and you will see the GYM.

Celadon City Gym

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Gym Leader: Erika

Specialty: Grass Type Pokemon

Badge: Rainbow Badge

Fuchsia City Gym

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Gym Leader: Koga

Specialty: Poison Type Pokemon
How to Defeat the 5th Gym! -Roblox Project Pokemon-

How to Defeat the 5th Gym! -Roblox Project Pokemon-

Badge: Soul Badge

Koga's Pokemon:

  1. Weezing Lvl. 47
  2. Venomoth Lvl. 47
  3. Arbok Lvl. 50
  4. Muk Lvl. 53
  5. Gengar Lvl. 57

Saffron City Gym

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Gym Leader: Sabrina

Specialty: Psychic Type Pokemon

Badge: Marsh Badge

Sabrina's Pokemon:

How to Defeat the 6th Gym! -Roblox Project Pokemon-

How to Defeat the 6th Gym! -Roblox Project Pokemon-

  1. Mr. Mime Lvl. 55
  2. Kadabra Lvl. 55
  3. Hypno Lvl. 57
  4. Venomoth Lvl. 59
  5. Haunter Lvl. 59
  6. Alakazam Lvl. 65

Cinnabar Volcano Gym



Gym Leader: Blaine

Specialty: Fire Type Pokemon

Badge: Fire Badge

  1. Ninetales Lvl. 66
  2. Flareon Lvl. 67
  3. Charizard Lvl. 70
  4. Magmar Lvl. 71
  5. Arcanine Lvl. 73

Viridian City Gym

Gym Leader: Giovanni

Specialty: Ground Type Pokemon

Badge: Earth Badge

Use level 85 and under pokemon to stop him from copying your pokemon. Mewtwo will be his final Pokemon.