Introduction Edit

Mystery Gift

Sometimes you may receive Pokemon from a trade or a Mystery Gift, but no matter whatever Pokemon you get, you can always add them in the Pokedex! (If you haven't already!)

Adding Pokemon to your Pokedex Edit

There are two ways that you can add Pokemon to your Pokedex, they are as followed:

Catching Pokemon! Edit

It's fun and exciting! All you have to do is run around in a Pokemon catching area (Most likely a patch of tall grass) and go to your bag

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  • Click Open on the right side of the bag.
  • Click Pokeballs
  • Choose the Pokeball that you would like to use.
  • Click use on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Once you've tried for a while and captured the Pokemon, it will be entered in your Pokedex!

Note: When finding Pokemon, if you see a Pokeball up under its name, that simply means you have caught it, otherwise you have not.

Trading/Mystery Gift Pokemon Edit

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This Lugia is NOT my captured Pokemon, due to me putting in the frontline in battle allowed me to add it to the Pokedex.

Sometimes you don't wish to 'CatchEmAll' as the slogan says, often times we like to take the easy way out and trade for new Pokemon or using Mystery Gift Codes to receive them. This is perfectly okay, all you have to do is grab them from your PC or Party and place them in the front of your Party and use the new Pokemon in the front line of the battle. By doing this, this Pokemon becomes yours.

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