Details Edit

This gentle Pokémon loves to give people rides and provides a very comfortable way to get around.

  • Type: Hanger
  • Pokedex: #666
  • Location: Mushroom Kingdom
  • Rarity: Rarer than the Pericles
  • Evolution Chain: Lapras -> Pingu
  • Best Stats: ALL STATS
  • Worst Stats: NONE STATS
  • Level Rate: Ultra Fast (1 EXP to LVL 100000000)
Lapras by mosoca07-d5rpfbm
Muito Bom

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit


  • Immunities: Mocotó
  • Strong Defense Against: Cuscuz
  • Weak Defense Against: Feijão Tropeiro

With Water Type Attack

  • No Effect to: Jesus
  • Strong Attack to: Wheelchairs
  • Weak Attack to: Bolsonaro

With Ice Type Attack

  • No Effect to: Péricles
  • Strong Attack to: Uganda
  • Weak Attack to: Pewdiepie