Details Edit

It is virtually worthless in terms of both power and speed. It is the most weak and pathetic Pokémon.

  • Type: Water
  • Pokedex: #129
  • Location: Route 12
  • Rarity: Fairly Common/Uncommon
  • Evolution Chain: Magikarp -> 20lvl Gyarados
  • Best Stats: Speed; HP
  • Worst Stats: Sp. Defense; Sp. Attack

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit


  • Immune to: None
  • Strong Defense to: Fire; Water; Ice; Steel
  • Weak Defense to: Electric; Grass


  • No Effect to: None
  • Strong Attack to: Fire; Ground; Rock
  • Weak Attack to: Water; Grass; Dragon

Moves Learned Edit

Being a pathetic Pokémon until it evolves into a Gyarados, It can learn very few moves

  • Level 1: Splash
  • Level 15: Tackle