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Description Edit

Palkia is a dual Water/Dragon type Legendary Pokemon. It can be found anywhere in Elegant Valley if the player has beaten the Elite Four and holds the champion badge. It is one of the five exclusive Champion Legendary Pokemon, the other four being Dialga, Giratina, Kyurem and Keldeo. Well, I dont have one cause I killed it. :/

Along with Dialga and Giratina, Palkia is part of the Sinnoh Region's Creation Trio. Giratina representing antimatter, Dialga representing time, and Palkia representing space.

Pros and Cons Edit


  • Excellent Offensive Pokemon
  • Wide Type Coverage
  • Extremely Resistant To Water And Fire Moves


  • Struggles Against Other Offensive Pokemon
  • Doesn't Offer Much Defence
  • Especially Vunerable To Fairy Types