The Pokémon Towers is a building in Lavender Town with 9 floors, where Gary, your rival, is on floor 4. At the top, 3 Team Rocket trainers, whos purpose is to defend their boss, who is supposedly also working for Team Rocket.

  • The first Team Rocket trainer has one Pokémon, a level 26 Raticate, who says upon defeat, "Our defenses are getting breached!"
  • The second Team Rocket trainer has five Pokémon, which are, in order; Level 10 Voltorb, Level 12 Voltorb, Level 14 Voltorb, Level 16 Voltorb, and a Level 23 Voltorb.
  • The third Team Rocket trainer has two Pokémon, which are, in order; Level 25 Nidorino, and a Level 25 Graveler. Upon defeat, he says, "Our boss will destroy you!"

Floors Edit

  • Every floor except floor one and the last floor has a small maze, progressively getting harder.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only place in the region where you can find the Gastly Pokémon.
  • Pokémon Towers is seemingly something to replace a gym, for there isn't a Gym Leader in Lavender Town.
  • There is a small chance on any floor to catch Marowak.