Welcome to the Roblox Project Pokémon Wiki!

This is the Roblox Project Pokémon Wiki, where we list as many things we can by finding hidden AND known pieces of information about this game to you all!

We, as a wiki, are a family united, and we will edit, make and contribute to the wiki to help other new players, and give some facts that experienced players had not known!

Our most informative and well-known page is the "Legendaries" page, where we list the most we know about all the Legendaries in the ROBLOXian Pokémon world! Feel free to stay and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment!

If you have any major problems with trolls, please comment on the message wall of mark346346 OR NozamiArcher. Any trolling and/or unnecessary editing will be taken seriously into action. Stay safe :)

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