Feel free to add in your own strategy for the fight the elite four

Name: desc.

Use: Farming/Beating

What i have so far:

My pokemon: Darkai, Breloom, Mew 2, Breloom

(ice) First person: Breloom (moves: drain punch. bullet seed, growth, spore) Sleep Dewgon then use growth 2x

After wards you can one hit Dewgon and the 2nd with bullet seed. Mamoswine, the 4th and lapras use drain punch it will one hit and heal your pokemon. Kyurem use a Blissy (moves: toxic, minimize, softboild, ?) to drain its attack. (usally it will use draco meteor after it health is low you can use a mew 2 to kill it

(fighting) person 2: use mew two(calm mind, Blizzard, Psy. ?) use calm mind some good 4 times while healing with hyper potion when your Pokemon gets low. use psy. on every pokemon and it should one hit (even garv.)

(Ghost Not dark) Person 3: Use darkai (moves: Dark void, Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot, ?) use dark void to sleep mis.. then use nasty plot a good 4x or 3x depending on its strength, Mis. wakes up pretty easily and will usually use calm mind, may use energy ball (does good damage against darkai)

after wards you can straight dark pulse every pokemon (gengar might be faster and will do alot of damage)

(Dragon) Person 4: (i usally use chansey to gt rid of all the hydro pump from kingdra and then sleep it)

after wards use Volcrona and then its Quiver dance till its max then bug buzz every pokemon (if its attack is weak salamance might kill it since it lowers it attack)

Gary: (uses mew 2 fire attack on metagross) (use ice move on tyranitar) (slaking use breloom to sleep then drain punch also it might die if its not fast enough) Alakazam (use darkai then dark viod and dark pulse if darkai knows blizzard then use it on garchomp if not use a ice move on it or dragon but its attack is high so if the dragon type is not fast enough it might 1 hit it) Arceus (i have a theory about sayble since it is dark and ghost extreme move and pys. type wont work on it so it might be good against i it knows a sleep move and flighting type move like aura spear)

if you fail or this doesn't work try your own style and use it for yourself

Most importantly "Have fun :D"