For a while, many of the Roblox Project Pokemon Wiki fans have been asking, "When will Sylveon be added?" Now I understand that this question may be annoying for the admins and owners, but really, come on. Sylveon is loved by most of us, and it's about time we got them. I'll be saving my first Eevee until it comes around. I know adding it could take a while, but we all know you can squeeze it into the schedule for updates. And, if you aren't gonna add Sylveon, what are you doing? Is Sylveon too overpowered for the game? Well we have a bunch of legendaries, including Mew who is surprisingly easy to get. So why? It's been too long. We have all the other eeveelutions, so it's time we get Sylveon. PLEASE. Sylveon can be obtainable now! All you need is eevee which can be got for free in one of the houses and use moon stone even though it doesn't save and BOOM you have a Sylveon!!!!!!!!

Oh no